The Effects of Porn on Your Brain?

People enjoy discussing politics, sports, hobbies and many other things these days. Now, you can also add the controversy regarding what porn does to a person’s brain. Researchers, sex doctors and scientist have not been able to agree on this topic. Some point out to the benefits far outweighing the risks. On the other hand, you have those who warn about how dangerous porn can be. No matter which side of the argument you stand on, there is one thing all agree on. That is that people all over the world like watching pornography. And not just a little bit of it, but tons. Since there is so much free porn available online, the numbers will continue to rise.

Recent data on the subject of adult content shows how high and widespread porn viewing has gotten. Out of every three people on the web, one of them is likely checking out smut. More than 30% of the data which is transferred online, is adult related. On average, a person who watches porn spends about 10 minutes and 33 seconds to sometimes hours doing so. Men, appear to be the biggest consumers of porno racking up 70% of it. Women on the other hand, only make up about 30% of the porn watched.

With so many people indulging in viewing porn videos, sex pictures and porn GIFS, there are bound to be problems. In particular, those who are in committed relationships and become addicted to it. Just like any drug, smut viewing can become an addiction for many. Whenever that happens, it’s generally when the problems begin to show and manifest themselves. Regardless of what you believe about it, there are implications which stem from watching too much porn. Sex experts and psychologists continue to try and show exactly what the affect of that is.

The first and most notable effect viewing porno videos, sexual images and other content has on the brain, is addiction. One of the triggers in male brains and porn addiction is dopamine. It is one of five chemicals in men which is primary when it applies to response and sexual arousal. Dopamine is a key chemical attached to any learning that is reward-driven. Study after study dealing with rewards have proven this. Each one has shown that the in the brain, the amount and transmission of dopamine levels increase. This takes place whether the person is consuming alcohol, addictive drugs and stimulants. The same reaction in the brain takes place when men watch porn.

The neurochemicals responsible for pleasure in the brain are stimulated. Before long though, over stimulation of the brain can happen due to excessive porn viewing. Experts also agree that after a while, sensitization occurs. That leads to the brain becoming familiar with everything it predicts or expects on seeing. For those who become familiar with porno, a change takes place. Soon, the bodies of others start to transform into objects which are sexualized. People who watch porn videos that are explicit, become worse. In their minds, they begin to accept what they see taking place. Even when the sexual acts are rough, violent and wild.

Furthermore, those whose partners are unwilling to engage in certain sex acts, are seen as boring. The porn watcher will start to lose interest in the person. To some extent, in having sex with them as well. In part, it’s because they obtain more pleasure and sexual stimulation from porn, than actual sex. This points back to overstimulation in the brain. The level of tolerance in a person who views adult content, is different from those who do not. After a while, what they see in the porn videos becomes normalized. At least by their brain as it produces pleasure neurochemicals each time.

Once the stimulus we hunger for due to porn is not received, desires and cravings take place. First they become thoughts, and then finally turn to behavior. A feeling of letdown also takes place for those who cannot get their porn fix. It’s the same way drug addicts come down from a high. When the dopamine levels have been depleted, the viewer will feel sad, lousy and exasperated.

To make it all much more difficult for people, the internet is full of free porn. Coincidentally, there are all the types of pornstars available for people to fantasize and look at. Each one, will deliver whatever the porn viewer wants at the time. Evidence of this can be found in the many different categories found in pornography. A person can be looking for a mature woman or a hot and sexy teen. There are also big beautiful women or BBW, lesbians, ebony or whatever the individual wants to see.

Indisputably, there is a ton of sexual, stimulus and neurological gratification a person can obtain from viewing porn. The issues arise when the individual begins to accept, desire and want the things they see in the pornography content. More so once acceptance, desensitization and sensitization in the brain become normalized.